Micro-businesses are defined as enterprises with five employees or less that require a minimum of seed capital.

Lawn Equipment generously donated by Ace Hardware of Bluffton

Our Lawn Crew hard at work. Contact tim.thayer@pephhi.org to
book your service.



Every piece is made from start to finish by the members at PEP. Making every piece as unique as the person who made it.

Coming Soon!

Local distributors and PEP's own store

A member concentrating hard on painting a piece of pottery!

Turtles waiting to be painted

Examples of Pottery for sale

Car Wash Wednesday

Car Wash & Interior Cleaning $15.00 Vehicle Only $10.00
Interior cleaning $10.00

PEP's Gallery and Photo Copy Center

The PEP's Gallery and Photo Copy Center originated with seed funding from the Wexford Charitable Foundation. Members are able to accept printing orders from individuals and businesses in the community and produce high quality printed materials such as business cards, envelopes, letterhead, and forms. Additionally, the Center will soon have the capacity to design and print customized work such as graduation announcements and wedding invitations with reply cards.